We offer many services for your roof, eaves troughs and windows done by our trained qualified technicians and we offer warranties on almost all of our jobs.


Services we offer:

Eaves trough, chimney and window cleanings;

Any type of eaves trough repair or replacement;

All shingle roof repairs;

Eaves trough gutter guard installations;

All animal removal and repairs;

Roof ventilation upgrades;

Window caulking;

All aluminum and vinyl (soffit, siding) repairs.


Lowest Price Guarantee

At Eaves & Roof Services will not take on a job unless it can beat any competitor estimate by 20 percent. The written estimate must be from a licensed company (must have a municipal license which shows it’s a registered company. This does not apply to jobs that have already been completed or if an agreement has already by made and a contract has been signed. A 2 year warranty will also be included with most services.