Eaves trough Cleaning

We provide the best cleaning services in the GTA, which is guaranteed for every single customer.

Our customers may choose one of three different ways to get their eaves troughs cleaned:

- By hand and we bag all debris;

- By using a high power blower to get all debris,

Dust, and dirt out; (removes finer debris that

Is usually missed when cleaning by hand)

- By water hose, fully hose out all of your

Eaves through (customer must provide hose).

To make sure that you get the best service in the GTA and still save your money so we offer the best prices possible:

- Bungalows start at 59$ and don’t increase unless

Over 2000 sq. feet;

- 2-storey houses start at 69$ and don’t increase

Unless over 2000 sq. feet;

- 3-storey houses start at 89$ and don't increase

Unless over 2000 sq. feet;

For houses with a greater sq. footage it’s an additional $10 per 500 sq.fee.

Call us to book your appointment as soon as possible. We also provide a 20% discount for each customer referral upon booking an appointment.

Comparing prices on a simple service (like an eaves trough cleaning) will show you one of the many advantages of dealing with our company


Gutter guards installation

 Gutter guards are very important for your eaves troughs since they prevent clogging and overflowing which can lead to major repairs or replacement.

They also pay for themselves in time since by installing gutter guards you won’t have to clean your eaves through again or as often as you usually do. All our gutter guards can come with a three year warranty.


Gutter guards we offer:

- Aluminum mesh gutter guards: $3.50 / linear foot;

- Aluminum smart screens which prevent the

Finer debris from entering: $5.00 / linear foot.

-Sponge gutter guards: $5.00/linear foot


Sometimes we offer promotions and discounts on installing gutter guards.

Call us to set appointment. Estimates are free of charge


Window cleaning

Our company provides one of the best exterior windows cleaning service in the GTA. We hand wash all your windows from the exterior using window cleaner, sponge, squeegee and hand-dry to prevent water streaks.

- The price for an all-house exterior window cleaning starts at $100 which includes up to 15 windows

- An extra charge of $5 will be added for each additional window if customer chooses to do more than 15 windows.

How to count windows:

- Most windows except for slider windows will be counted as 1 window.

- French windows is also counted as 1 window as long as it is 4x4 feet and under. Otherwise, it will be counted as 2 or more according to the size.

- Slider windows and patio doors will be counted as 2 windows.

- If you have a sunroom, every window counts separately.

Also, large panel windows made of multiple sections of glass are counted individually (each panel).


Window Caulking

Window caulking service is also offered which can be very beneficial to your home since it will help insulate your windows and keep your heating/cooling cost down.

For this service it’s usually better to get an estimate, prices usually range between 30-50$ per window but many factors can affect the price. (I.e. size of windows)

Estimates are always free; our office can be contacted to set up an appointment.